Brause is going head to head with Pilot and Staedtler, battling for the title of the best professional calligraphy kit manufacturer. As soon we had the see-through box in our hands, we knew what’s up right away.

The six very specialised and delicate nibs come with a holder, which we found very convenient during longer projects. A calligraphy pen isn’t the same if you lose a much-needed nib and Brause successfully puts an end to this problem, once and for all.

Many art historians and church scholars cited this calligraphic pen as the absolute best when it comes to recreating or restoring old works of art in books and on documents. We ourselves tested all the nibs and the different ink flow, concluding that Brause calligraphy kit truly is one of a kind.

Beginners might struggle with the overly bold lines and delicate equipment, but it’s quite possibly the most durable and advanced calligraphy pen available, backed by a lot of artists and scholars. Even after the testing period, we couldn’t quite get enough of it!

Brause Advanced Calligraphy Set

Things you will like most

  • Excellent price-to-quality ratio
  • High-grade metal body
  • Versatility
  • Excellent discounts on ink sets