If you’re looking for an addition to your existing equipment set, you really shouldn’t look further than this Lamy calligraphy pen. We found it especially ideal for contours, as the steady grip and the smooth but noticeable lines make a great basis for any work project.

An already renowned name in the arts and crafts industry, Lemy has no problem putting out a bare, unmodified product. This is because every professional artist is aware of the almost nonexistent dripping, which is something that means a lot during a serious project.

Messiness and leaking ink can cause a lot of damage, and this calligraphic pen is truly amongst the beast, leaving very little to be desired.

Even beginners who’ve tested it have gained a great understanding of the art of calligraphy because they didn’t have to deal with all the usual mishaps that are common with basic models. Although the price might seem high, you are getting an MVP amongst the calligraphy pens, making the investment worthwhile.

Lamy Calligraphy Set Pen Sets - Black L15S

Things you will like most:

  • Elegant design
  • Chrome-strengthened parts
  • Very precise and durable nibs
  • Quality and widely available cartridges