An important ingredient in a final piece of art is the confidence of the artist while he works. Having a sturdy, lightweight and price calligraphy pen give a much needed motivational productivity boost. This is precisely what we’ve felt while trying out Pilot Parallel Pen model.

With every model, we were a little bit concerned about the dirtiness of the nib, which is one of the major problems with even the best calligraphy pens. Pilot cleverly solved this headache by adding an efficient nib cleaner to their already well-equipped kits.

We couldn’t help but notice the different level of precision while using their strange, but effective parallel plate nibs. They worked well with all sorts of cartridges, both stock and custom.

When it comes to the also irritating problem of ink bleeding, it leaves little to be desired and the tidiness of the Parallel Pen rivals even the best Staedtler models. All in all, we love the versatility, which is a big reason why we had it as a lock on our best calligraphy pens list.

Pilot Parallel Pen 2-Color Calligraphy Pen Set with Red and Black Ink Cartridges, 2.4mm Nib (90051)

Things you will like most:

  • Especially good for curves
  • Can even be used for taking notes and regular writing
  • Good for both beginners and advanced users
  • Incredibly cheap