As soon as you grasp this unusual and captivating rOtring calligraphy pen inside your palm, you instantly become aware of how light it is in comparison to most other models. rOtring changed the game quite a bit, by introducing thin titanium as a material for the structure. This makes it feel more like a regular pen, which proves to be a great advantage with grip.

Aside from having by far the best grip of all the calligraphy pens on the list, the Fountain Pen has also amazed us by its resilience. Although it’s not recommended in calligraphy, it can withstand a lot of pressure. Just for testing purposes, we ordered new separate parts and they arrived in quick time, with an additional two of the same kind.

For those looking for convenience, the small and easy-to-insert cartridges are a life saver. We’ve searched for hours and the only disadvantage that we could find is that the cap can’t be put on top of the pen. All in all, you should try it and embrace it, because it doesn’t get much better in calligraphy than this.

rOtring Fountain Pen, ArtPen, Calligraphy, 1.1 mm

Things you will like most:

  • Unique design
  • Different nibs for different ink distribution
  • Works well when paired with other pens
  • A+ customer service