Sharpie has always been amongst the top arts and crafts companies, but their specialty is top-notch calligraphy pens and markers. Before testing it, we wondered why did they call them “chisel tips”, but after a long run of testing them, they stayed hard as industrial-grade granite.

What’s also amazing about Sharpie calligraphy markers is high-grade ink that is able to withstand moisture, all while excellently imprinting itself on surfaces of all colours. Whether it be wedding invitations, school projects or complex paintings – reviews are near-equivocally positive, and deservingly so.

Having each marker of black, red, blue, mint and brown is completely enough for any sort of combination.  By accidentally leaving them without the caps during the tests, we also concluded that they can stay in the open for many hours without drying.

All in all, the reasonable price rounds up an excellent choice for you and a somewhat unexpected member of the best calligraphy pens and markers list.

Sharpie Calligraphic Chisel Tip Water Based Markers

Things you will like most:

  • Adaptable to any font
  • Gliding because of a stiff tip
  • Colour doesn’t fade away even after weeks
  • Require minimal knowledge before use