Amongst the arts and crafts giants, Sheaffer isn’t as famous as its counterparts, but after this great and innovative calligraphy pen kit, they surely deserve much more recognition. It took us some time to completely grasp this, but each of the three calligraphy pens in the kit has a different flow of ink. It means that they distribute colour with different intensity, allowing for darker and lighter lines and details.

Some perfectionists may view the visible ink cartridge as an eyesore, but when we realised how easy it is to add and remove the cartridges, we decided to completely disregard this small detail.

Amongst our testers, almost each and everyone highly lauded the firm and constant grip and an “old-school” feel, something that even the best calligraphy pens lack nowadays.

Three sets of nibs and a detailed instruction manual round up this package, adding to an all-around display of quality and simplicity of use. Regardless if you are in the business your whole life or if you’re taking your baby steps – giving the Sheaffer calligraphy pen kit won’t be something you’ll regret.

Sheaffer Calligraphy Maxi Kit, 3 Viewpoint Fountain Pens with 3 Nib Grades, Assortment of Ink Cartridges, Tracing Pad

Things you will like most:

  • More than enough ink refills
  • Adaptable even to the roughest of papers
  • Inexpensiveness
  • Lasts a long time