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Top 6 Reasons to Become a Great Calligrapher

It’s not like anybody needs an actual reason to write beautifully and create art even if their words don’t have a meaning, but that’s only one of the many benefits. Calligraphy is basically the way everything used to be written in early history, meaning it’s the first proper form of actual writing.

By learning calligraphy, you won’t only write gorgeous letters, you will also experience writing the way you were meant to. This invaluable skill is unfortunately not as popular nowadays, but it’s still one of the most important things that humankind has ever known.

Without calligraphy, most of the history we know today would’ve been gone with the wind. This small tip on the importance of calligraphy isn’t even a reason to learn it, it is a simple fact that should relay just how magnificent and worth learning it is.

Why should you learn the art of Calligraphy? Know it here

1. Character Refining

In ancient Japan, the honourable samurai warriors needed to practise this skill in order to cultivate their spirit. The calligraphy brush may have turned into a calligraphy pen, but the benefit remains the same.

The sheer unimaginable amount of focus that goes into every letter is more than enough to increase your overall concentration and hardworking potential. Those who undertake calligraphy will learn a great deal about patience by simply sliding their nibs down a paper or canvas.

This mostly relates to waiting for the ink to dry, which is the biggest patience test. You may think that it’s the actual writing that takes the most of your time, but the drying takes longest because multiple strokes over wet ink are bound to be messy.

2. Mental Health Improvement

Regarding the unnatural haste of the contemporary world, spending a few hours alone and away from the whole rush will do wonders to one’s mentality.

Controlling the precise movement of calligraphy pens on a daily basis is sure to contribute to mental stability and overall thought alignment. It will make you calmer, more collected and even emotionally fulfilled.

Calligraphy is so self-therapeutic that certain psychiatrists prescribe it to their patients in order to relieve stress-induced mental issues. Calligraphy lets you help yourself in more than one way, and it can even be compared to meditation if certain factors are taken into account.

3. Calligraphy Knows No Age

This is something you can learn at the age of 80 and 16, at about the same pace. Calligraphy pens aren’t restricted to a specific type of hands, meaning you can always go for it as long as you aren’t physically impaired (e.g. arthritis).

It is said that the brain’s learning ability deteriorates with age, but calligraphy isn’t something you should memorize. It is a process of constant practice and that is the only actual way to master it.

Aside from that, the skill of cursive writing that calligraphy encompasses is starting to phase out of schools on an international level. However, the children we don’t usually teach this to will benefit from calligraphy by being able to take college notes in quick cursive since it is both beautiful and the hand flows much faster while at it.

4. Major Savings on Invitations

If you’ve ever planned an important event, such as a wedding of your own, you’re surely familiar with the high cost of invitation designing.

Instead of hiring a calligrapher, which may prove to be quite expensive, you can write the invitations yourself. Not only is it economical, it also boosts the closeness between you and your invitees.

You can also become a calligrapher or get hired by someone you know for this exact purpose. As people are starting to lose interest in the fine lines of calligraphy pens, it’s becoming a rare and less affordable profession. By mastering this writing skill, you will be more than likely to make some quick bucks here and there.

5. It’s Very Impressive

No matter why, when or where you’re pulling your inky nib down the paper, anyone who gets to watch you or to just read it will be stunned by the overwhelming beauty of calligraphy.

There is no better way to congratulate someone or send a card of any sort than making it that much more meaningful with gorgeously carved words.

This is also useful when you know that the recipient is getting many letters every day. The said fact mostly relates to instances where your letter has a chance to get picked among numerous other ones. You can almost be certain that your calligraphic letter will be picked if you’ve written anything on it in a beautiful fashion.

6. It’s Almost Free

Before trying this hobby, a great many people make the mistake of going online to purchase a calligraphy set. While that may sound as a viable start, it is anything but, considering the skyrocketing prices that tend to dominate the market. Unless you’re willing to take that much money out of your wallet, you should opt for the following alternative.

Fashion a calligraphy set of your own, using very cheap tools and ingredients. The amount you usually require to fashion a DIY calligraphy set is actually affordable.

Being as economical, self-therapeutic and simply gorgeous as it is, calligraphy is most definitely an activity worth taking part in. Make sure you have at least an hour of free time, grab a paper and your special calligraphy pen and be on your way to becoming a self-made artist!


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